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The Kate Redgate Band

Folk, alt-Country, Singer/Songwriter, Blues / Saturday, June 22 at 1:30 pm

Each song is an unapologetic piece of her puzzle…

For over 20 years, Kate Redgate has been slowly but surely honing her craft. After learning how to perform amid the din of loud drunken patrons in bars for years, and then getting babysitters to attend open mic nights early in her career, Kate is now performing more and more listening rooms, concerts and small theaters both as a smaller acoustic act and with her long-time band. An engaging blend of folk/alt-country and americana, with hints of the blues, Kate combines the story-telling ability of a singer/songwriter with a performance style that can carry a full on rock and roll show.

Harvey Reid took notice of her songwriting abilities following her self-released demo in 2001, inviting her to accompany 6 other seacoast area songwriters on the first ever “Seacoast Songwriters Compilation”, the first recording out of Reid’s flagship organization “The Seacoast Guitar Society”. She struggled financially with 2 small children playing clubs at night and teaching guitar lessons in the daytime for many years. When the children were school aged she moved into a day job for security and spent less time in bars and more time working on her songs. In 2004 she was included in the “Boston’s Best” compilation, Vol 5.

2005 saw her first full - length release - an all acoustic disc called “Rough Tracks”. Never intended for larger audiences, it was available only at performances and local outlets. With a style that was a little edgier and more southern than the average New England coffeehouse act, Kate still managed to catch the ear of a few good promoters and was invited to open concerts for national acts such as Richie Havens and John Gorka, and invited to perform at several renowned folk festivals.

After an accident upon her return from the Kerrville Folk Festival in 2005, in which she shattered her arm and was told she may not be able to play guitar again, Kate took a break from music but never lost sight of her passion. Several years and songs later, she returned with her first fully produced recording “Nothing Tragic.” Producer Tom Eaton (Ellis Paul, Vance Gilbert) quotes: “This is the record that finally captures Kate’s live ‘band’ feel; casting her powerful voice in a brand new light.”

The record features long time Redgate sidemen drummer Zach Field (Molenes), and bassist Mike Miskis, with the addition of Kevin Barry (Paula Cole) on electric guitar and Tom West (Susan Tedeschi) on organ; a powerhouse ensemble which moves effortlessly from full on Southern rock to country ballad and back again, always supporting the foundation of Redgate’s acoustic guitar and voice. Intensely personal, yet immediately accessible, the 11 songs on “Nothing Tragic” reveal the writer hiding behind the voice— each song an unapologetic piece of her puzzle shaded in the colors of Hammond and lap steel.

Band Details
  • Name: The Kate Redgate Band
  • From: Newburyport, MA
  • Genre: Folk, alt-Country, Singer/Songwriter, Blues
  • When: 1:30 pm on Saturday, June 22
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