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The Crunchy Western Boys

Bluegrass / Saturday, June 22 at 6:45 pm

If you put bluegrass into a cocktail shaker and shook it up really well, it would sound just like this…

The award-winning Crunchy Western Boys are Morris Manning, Steve McBrian, Jim McHugh and Jacob Stern.

Morris Manning is a native of Franconia NH. As a singer/songwriter, Morris has a strong following asvan authentic New England folk singer. His original songs have been voted best in the region by various publications, and he has been nominated for a MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets) Award. Morris has played with The Chinese Cooks, The Regular Einsteins, Valhalla Taxi, El Mundo, Loli Marquez-Sterling Cabaret Group, The Bettys, and The New Gypsy Swing Quintet and tours regularly in Europe.

Steve McBrian has played, over the years, with Dumbwaiter, the Regular Einsteins, the Bettys, duos with Morris Manning, Valhalla Taxi, and most recently, Ricky and the Giants. Steve writes and records original music at home…but has, despite many attempts, refused to talk about it while sober. You can hear Steve on the Crunchy Western Boy’s first record, where he sang background vocals. In late August of ’09 Steve (finally!) became a ‘real’ man and took up the big bass fiddle. Shortly afterward he was seen rubbing his hands, alternately mumbling something about intonation, and shouting into the clear blue sky; “Damn you Banzai! Damn you to Hell!” Originally from Tyringham, MA Steve currently resides with his wife and son on a small farm in Meredith, NH.

Jim McHugh started playing when an old girlfriend bought him his first guitar some 24 years ago, and has been playing ever since. Jim played through college with Cottleston Pie, an original jam band who opened for The New Riders of the Purple Sage several times. He also played with a band called the Hoedads, an original folk band. Jim picked up the mandolin while hitchhiking around the country, he realized he could play and hitch at the same time. He played on the streets of Barcelona with Glen Hanson of the Frames just buy coincidence. Jim also began writing original music 24 years ago and honed his skills around the campfire, and in Grateful Dead parking lots around the country. Jim has played in Ireland on several occasions as well as the Netherlands and France.

Fiddler extraordinaire Jacob Stern hails from Buffalo, NY. He currently lives in Ashland, NH. Brought up in the classical style, Jacob turned to the dark side some years ago after a run in with a strange creature in a far off land. He returned with a most peculiar sounding fiddle, and before he knew it he was playing it almost everyday. Now all he has to do is play the thing everyday.

Band Details
  • Name: The Crunchy Western Boys
  • From: Lakes Region, NH
  • Genre: Bluegrass
  • When: 6:45 pm on Saturday, June 22
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